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....I laid back on the seat as Joe leaned forward and started lick- ing my balls. I had my head towards the front seat and Joe was stretched out on the back seat. John, who had been sucking his brother off while kneeling on the floor, then brought his hips up on the stretched out seat. I immediately nuzzled up to his belly- button to take the head of his now fully seven inch hard-on into my mouth.... read full story


Sucking Marty's Dick

...Robinwood used to really be a nice place to live - At least it did when I was delivering pizzas ten years ago. The woodsy area at one time attracted people with well paying jobs and few kids. In the last few years, more and more college aged kids started living there and the place became a drug haven where it seemed that they were always having some kind of drug parties.... read more


A Glimpse Of Heaven

...his hands were intertwined in each other and were behind his head to cock it up a bit. His eyes were closed and there was a faint smile on his lips. I put first one knee and then the other between his legs and spread them apart. I bent down and began to lick the sides of his cock, starting at the base and working my way up to the top. I lifted his legs, bent at the knees and pushed them to his chest. I took first one ball and then the other into my hot mouth and rolled them around with my tongue. I then, took them both and sucked them real good, nibbling ever so lightly once in awhile. .... read more



...their minds made up, the two friends stood up and tentatively put their arms around each other. As they pressed their bodies together, their hard, young cocks ground into each other and their breathing quickened. Jim was the first to make a move -- he reached down and gently squeezed Steve's young ass. Steve, not to be outdone, began to slowly lower Jim's trunks until he felt Jim's straining cock leap into his own belly .... read more


Blue Light

...Michael knelt. In the mirrors to my left and right I saw his body, lean and sleek in profile. I watched my cockhead slide between his lips. In the mirror before me I saw his backthrust ass inside the transluscent briefs. I twisted the hair at the nape of his neck into a single cord and pulled it aside, used it to hold his head in place. The twin slopes of his buns flowed up into his back, split by the shadow-dark crease of his arched spine into two inverted triangles of pure muscle..... read more


As you like it

...before Jim got ready to leave, I ask him to fallow me down the hall to the bed room. I wanted to give him a bottle of amyl he had ask me to get for him, as it was very hard to find ware he lived. He took the bottle, and gave me the money for it. I took the money, and turned around to put it on the dresser. It was at that point I felt his arm slide around my neck. I tried to tell him to knock off the horse play. .... read more


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