Author: The Oracle... Surf Coach

I was spending a couple of days at the KOA (campground) in Albuquerque with my new Toyota van. KOA's cost about $12.00 a night for 1 or 2 people with no hook-ups and the shower room is open all night. Usually, only families on camping treks across country stop there but some retired persons live there on a semi-permanent basis. 

I had just come back from a day of sightseeing and I hadn't found anyone worthwhile. I headed for the main shower room. When you walk in the door there are 2 urinals on the left wall and straight ahead are 3 sinks with mirrors. Next to the urinals are 2 toilets with doors then 3 shower stalls with a toilet-type stall with doors on each one for drying off. Unfortunately, there were no glory holes in any KOA I stayed at. However there was a space of about 2 inches between one toilet stall and the closest shower drying area. 

When I walked in the door, both toilets were occupied. As I waited, hoping to get the VIEWING stall, a guy of about 19, long, brown hair, slim, but not bulging muscles, came out of the first shower stall with a long towel wrapped around him. I heard the shower start again in the first stall. 

Hmmm, I thought, this could be interesting! 

As I was still waiting for the toilet, I stared at the guy. He smiled at me and then as he was drying himself he fumbled the towel and it dropped to the floor. He had about 4 inches, soft, with nicely formed balls and a thick dark mass of pubic hair. He smiled again as he slowly bent over to pick up the towel. 

Maybe he was bending over to see what was peeking out of the bottom of my OP shorts! I never wear underwear! (OP shorts are very SHORT!) Just then the door of the toilet stall that was next to the shower opened and I immediately went in. My shorts went down and my cock went up as I could see the guy through the crack in the door, drying off his ass and leaving no part of his anatomy untouched! He then went back into the shower stall with his friend. 

I heard the water in the shower stop and then looking through the crack I saw his friend step out of the shower. This guy was about 19, with a thin line of hair rising from his dark pubic patch heading toward his navel. He had about 5 inches of uncut cock swaying from his hips. He was also slim, with a nice, rounded, dimpled ass.The other guy was playing a little grab-ass with his friend so that when he turned around I noticed that his cock was now starting to rise and it was slowly getting bigger! 

Then they both started to dress and then left the shower stall to comb their hair. Now I thought would be the good time to make my move! I got up and tried to get my raging hard-on into my OP's! 

I walked over to the sink to wash my hands and said, "Hi! Wanna get high?" 

The younger one smiled as the older one said, "Sure, you got a space here?" 

"Yeah, it's over by the fence in the far back corner," I eagerly said. 

"We'll be over right after we eat with our parents!" 

As it had now gotten dark, I made a small fire and was making some Jiffy Pop. The guys came over and introduced themselves as Joe and his friend John. They were traveling with Johns parents for 2 months visiting all over the country and were from a small town in upstate Maine.We sat around and drank some wine and had the popcorn. We then went into the back of the van and I closed the door. 

The middle seat of the Toyota vans slide forward and the back drops down to form a nice soft bed. I put on a Doors tape and adjusted the volume so as to be balanced in all four speakers. As the windows are tinted, no can see in. We then lit up the joint. We were all feeling mellow, what with the liter of wine we had drank. 

As it was still kind of warm, I took off my shirt and told the others to do also. 

John laughed a little and said, "I hope you don't mind, but I'm gonna take off my shorts, too! I'm feeling so relaxed that my dick is starting to get cramped in my shorts." 

What I saw earlier was as about 4 inches was now rising straight up towards his navel and had already reached 6 inches and was still growing! Joe, seeing his pals rising to the occassion, discarded his shorts and his uncut cock was pointing at John's dick with 8 inches of hard dick. I didn't want to be a party pooper, so I took off my shorts, too! 

Almost simultaneously as we were passing the joint around, we massaged our dicks when we weren't toking. John, being in the middle, started to massage both Joe's and my nuts. 

Joe said, "Go for it bro, suck my dick!" 

John then slid off the seat and knelt in front of Joe and took Joe's 8 inches all the way down his throat! Joe then said, "Hey, we can't leave you out, after all you gave us the wine and the pot. Lay back!" I laid back on the seat as Joe leaned forward and started lick- ing my balls. I had my head towards the front seat and Joe was stretched out on the back seat. John, who had been sucking his friend off while kneeling on the floor, then brought his hips up on the stretched out seat. I immediately nuzzled up to his belly- button to take the head of his now fully seven inch hard-on into my mouth. 

We now formed an interesting triangle in the back of the van. As I was sucking on John's dick and massaging his tight ball sack, his body tensed and he filled my mouth with gobs of sticky cum! Joe then slowed his tempo on my dick as I could feel his body also grow tense. He moaned softly as I saw his hips furiously face fuck his brother as he came in his mouth. 

I then scooted up a little on the seat. Without taking his mouth off my dick, Joe then continued to slurp and suck my dick! But, now there was something added. Instead of his hands on my nuts, I felt John's tongue massaging my nuts! 

With all this attention, my body went rigid. I slowly let out some soft, low moans as I could feel the cum coursing it's way from my balls up the length of my cock into Joe's eagerly awaiting mouth which gobbled up my cum! Joe had to swallow 3 times to get it all down! I then turned around and we all laid together for awhile. 

Joe then said, "We better get back, it's almost time for bed. Thanks for everything! In the morning we're heading for the Carlsbad Caverns." 

I said, "Thanks, wish I could head over with you, but I gotta head towards California. Bye."