As you like it

By The Blue Goose

It was one of those nights that you only fantasize about, an not dared to think it could really happen. But I found out, that being honest with yourself, and with your friends can be very rewarding, and fantasies can come true. 

An old friend of mine, who is a reservist in the Marines, was in town for one of his units monthly weekends. He did not have to stay on base that night, so I ask if he would like to stop by the house for dinner. He said he would like that, but he did have a date with a fuckbuddy at 10:00. I told him that would be no problem as we could eat early. 

Jim arrived about 6pm, and we had a nice visit catching up on what had been going on in our lives since we had last gotten together. He had a few beers, and I some wine, while I fixed dinner. By the time dinner was ready, we were both relaxed and conversation had shifted to what we were doing for our sex lives. Jim told me a little about his 10:00 date, and how he was trying to get him interested in bondage. Jim said that he was trying to find a way to let him have a chance to watch a boundage scene, to see if it turned him on or not with out a lot of people around. This way if it did, he could join in or just watch. I suggested he get a video, and let him watch that. Jim said that was a good idea and he would see what he could find. 

Jim and I had been fuckbuddies for almost nine years, and he still did not really understand what turned me on the most. He knew about my obsession with men's long dress socks, and how I liked bondage, as he did. But had no idea of my real fantasies. We got to talking about some of the scenes we had had, and I thought maybe I should tell him what it was that really got me turned on. In all fairness, how could he read my mind. He had always tried hard to please me, and I know many times he came very close. 

So, I ask Jim if he was interest in hearing about my fantasies in depth. To my surprise he seemed very interest. It was hard for me to talk about them, even to Jim. I felt like I was sharing my innermost secrets, as the things I told him I had only fantasied about. 

I started out by telling him of course, that men in long dark socks turned me on. How the thought of having someone wearing over-the-calf length socks, overpowering me into a semi-conscious state. Binding my wrists tightly behind my back with long socks. Removing my cowboy boots, and tying my stocking ankles together with another long sock. And just when I am about to come to, shoving a dirty sock into my mouth and secure it in place with another long sock. I explained, that although I enjoyed a blindfold, as we had often used, it was not always necessary; especially if my captor was to wear a mask of some kind. 

Jim had a big smile on his face by this time, and all I could do was think he was laughing at me. He said he had no idea that I liked my sex rough. I told him that many times I had thought about him tying me up, pulling my levi's down and getting on the bed behind me. How I could almost feel what it would be like for him to cover my mouth with his powerful hand as he eased his manhood into my ass. Gagging me with one hand, beating me off with his other, and fucking my ass at the same time. Jim just kept smiling, and said I had a wild imagination. 

It was almost 8:45 by this time, and I knew Jim would have to be leavening soon. Since Jim had a date at 10:00, I did not even suggest that we try to have sex tonight. At least I had gotten my fantasizes out in the open, and maybe next time he was in town we could work some of them out. 

Before Jim got ready to leave, I ask him to fallow me down the hall to the bed room. I wanted to give him a bottle of amyl he had ask me to get for him, as it was very hard to find ware he lived. He took the bottle, and gave me the money for it. I took the money, and turned around to put it on the dresser. It was at that point I felt his arm slide around my neck. I tried to tell him to knock off the horse play. Being a Master Gunnery Sargent in the marines, he taught the class on self defence, and it was useless fighting him. Within seconds, the room began to swim and everything went dark and hazy. I felt my body go completely limp. Although I could not move, I had some sensation of what was going on about me. Jim turned us around and tossed my limp body across the bed. He went over to the closet, and found my laundry basket. Grabbing a handful of my long socks, he returned to the bed. 

He positioned my body face down in the center of the bed. He was not very gentile, as he pulled my left arm into the small of my back. I have no idea how long it took to bind my wrists together, as I kept slipping in and out of consciousness. The cold air hitting my warm feet, when he pulled my cowboy boots off, brought me somewhat back to my senses. I could feel the pressure around my ankles as he tied one of my long socks tightly securing them. Either his timing was perfect, or Jim realized I was starting to come fully awake. Turning around on the bed after tying my feet together, he laid down on top of me. As he shoved one of my dirty socks into my mouth and part way down my throat, I heard him whisper into my ear "As you like it". Using another sock he bound the one in my mouth in place tightly. Looking in the headboard he found the leather blindfold and hood, that we often used. Unlike most times, he put the blindfold on me first. I would later find out that this way I could not hook either the gag or the blindfold and pull them off. To be sure I did not try to get off the bed, he took a length of rope out of the headboard and tied one end of it to my bound wrist. He then looped the rope around my neck and the other end he pulled through the socks securing my ankles. By pulling the rope tight, he bent my feet up close to my wrists, ware he tied it off. 

I had no idea what he had in mind, but hogtied as I was, he could do damm well as he pleased. 

Jim must have left the room, as I did not hear anything for some time. Then I heard the refrigerator door close. As Jim entered the room, I heard the pop of a beer tab. He did not say anything. I guess he was just admiring his handy work. He came over to the bed and rolled me over on my side. I felt him undo my western belt and pull it off. He then reached inside my levi pocket and pulled out my keys. 

The next thing I remember hearing was the front door close. It was then I remembered about his damm date with his fuckbuddy at the base. Why in hell had he gone to the trouble to tie me up, and just leave me be?

Well, I guess I did ask for it. Jim had tied and gaged me almost exactly the way I had fantasize about it to him. What I had not counted on, was being hogtied and left alone. 

I must have worked on my bounds for at least an hour, getting hornier by the minute. Then I heard the front door open and close. Now I was scared. Who in the fuck could it be. Maybe Jim forgot to lock the door when left. I tried not to make a sound hoping who ever it was would take what they wanted and leave me undisturbed. 

Listening as best I could, I could hear voices in the kitchen. I knew they were opening and closing the refrigerator door, but that was all I could make out. The voices stopped, and I could hear footsteps coming down the hall toward my room. I have no idea how many men were standing in the room, all I could make out was heavy breathing and sipping from cans. They all left, and went back into the kitchen. I herd more talking, but not what they were saying. Soon they must have made up their minds, as I could hear them returning. 

I was still lying face down on the bed, when they entered the room again. I could since them on both sides of the bed. One of them must have had a knife, as the rope that held me hogtied was cut and my feet fell back onto the bed. 

Someone turned my head sideways, and poured a few drops of ayml onto the gag. As the amyl started to sweep through my body, I felt them untiing my hands and feet. This proved to be a false hope, when my right hand was securely tied to my right ankle using one of the socks. My left hand and ankle were tied in the same manner. I was then rolled onto my back, picked up a put down on the floor. By now, I had ascertained that there were only two men in the room. I could hear them taking off their shoes and clothing. My shirt was opened, and I could feel their warm stocking feet rubbing all over my chest. I felt a rough hand undo the buttons on my 501's to expose my rock hard cock. The feet moved down and round my cock. I was sure I was going to pop my lode, but just then they stopped. 

They picked me back up, and put me back on the bed on my back. Lifting my feet and hands into the air, put me in somewhat of a reverse jackknife situation. The hood was loosened enough to remove the sock holding the first one in my mouth. I tried to spit it out, but a hand held it in place. My Levi's were pulled up to my knees, and my ass lubricated with the lubricant I keep in a cabinet next to my bed. 

That was the only clue I needed! This was Jim and his Fuckbuddy from the base. Jim would have known where the lubricant was hidden. My knowing who it was, would not help me much, but it did make me more relaxed. 

More amyl was applied to the sock in my mouth, and my nose held closed. My head was spinning round and round as the sock was pulled out and a rubber covered cock shoved down my into my hungry mouth. I heard the foil of another condom package being opened, and soon felt a hard dick against the sphincter muscles of my ass. With one swift movement, the cock was rammed all the way in. It took me by such surprise, I had little time to cry out. In fact, it would have done me little good to have tried as my mouth had a different type of gag in it now. 

By this time, and even through the condom I knew that it was Jim fucking my face. He is the only man I know with a metal ring through the head of his cock, and I could feel it with my tongue. 

Jim's friend must have really gotten turned on by the scene, as in no time at all, he had shot his wad, and was pulling out. Jim pulled his dick out of my mouth and shoved the sock with amyl back in and secured it with a sock. I could feel them untying my hands and feet. My hands were again tied tightly behind my back. Someone held my feet as my ankles were again bound securely together. I was rolled onto my side, and I felt Jim lay down behind me. With one hand cupped over my mouth, he slowly forced his dick into my ass. He seem not to be in such a rush as his friend had been, and fucked my ass for some time. But all good things must come to an end, and I felt Jim going into a orgasm. 

After Jim pulled out, I was rolled onto my back and my dick covered with lubricant. Jim found my leather condom in the headboard, and slipped over my dick and secured to my balls with the velcro cock-ring. My pants were pulled up and buttoned over the top of the leather condom. I could here them getting dressed. When they were ready to leave, I was roll onto my stomach. They turn my head, and applied more amyl to my gag. Since they did not hogtie me this time, I knew they would not be back. 

I heard the front door close, and I was left alone to fuck my self silly into the leather condom. 

The night was young, and I was in no hurry to get out of my restraints.