Sucking Marty's Dick 


Back in July of 1994, I moved into an apartment in the Robinwood Complex. Robinwood used to really be a nice place to live - At least it did when I was delivering pizzas ten years ago. The woodsy area at one time attracted people with well paying jobs and few kids. In the last few years, more and more college aged kids started living there and the place became a drug haven where it seemed that they were always having some kind of drug parties. 

My downstairs neighbor, Greg, was most of the problem. He had a stereo that consistently shook even the plants hanging from my ceiling upstairs. A couple of times, I had to go down there and ask him to turn it down. I didn't want to get on his bad side, though. Greg was a really cute young man of 19 and I liked having him pay attention to me. 

Because he was 19, Greg could not afford to pay the rent on his own. Marty, a friend and a co-worker at the same restaurant where Greg worked, moved in to help pay the expenses. Marty was not quite as good looking as Greg, but young meat is young meat. He had one of those nice tight little bodies bulging with muscles - the kind where you can overlook a lack of facial beauty for a basket that won't quit. 

Anyway, it was about 11 PM one night when I heard a commotion in the hallway. The neighbor lady staggered in, drunk and stoned. She was a screwed up mess of a welfare mom. Usually drunk and/ or stoned, she had the reputation for fucking everything in sight. I walked out into the hallway and saw Greg come out of the apartment. 

"Got anything to duhhhh drink? " she slurred. 

"Yeah, come one in. Brad - you wanna join us?" Greg asked. 

"Sure. Let me grab my bottle". 

I grabbed the old Texas Fifth of Jack Daniels and a couple of cans of coke. I also brought along my only straight porn movie, Deepthroat Greg's apartment reeked of reefer. I noticed that Marty was sitting on one of the two couches and that he was wearing white sweat pants. He looked hot! 

I grabbed a few glasses and poured some of the JD and coke. The dumb cunt was drunk out of her mind and sat on Greg's lap. She was slurring on and on about something about her boyfriend. Greg, meanwhile, was playing with here tits. She would occasionally slap his hand, but overall, seemed to like the groping. I noticed that Marty was looking at her with a sense of longing. I knew that he wanted to bury his wad in there stinking slut's twat. 

After a little more liquor, Greg got up, grabbed her hand, and with no resistance, took her into his bedroom. I popped the movie into the VCR. Before the action even started, Marty and I started hearing moans in the bedroom. I put the VCR on pause and we listened to the noise for a moment. 

"Oh, baby. Suck my cock. Yeah that's it. MMMMM." 

Marty was kind of squirming where he was sitting. He looked a little uncomfortable and I could see why. It looked like he was hard and wanted in on the action. I turned the VCR back on and within a few minutes, we were watching a hot blowjob scene. Greg and the slut were fucking now and their moans were getting louder and louder. I looked over at Marty and every so often, I'd see his hand come down and pinch the hard dick in his white sweats. I knew what we both wanted and I decided to go for it. 

I was feeling a little bolder from the alcohol. I stood up and, as I walked over to where Marty was sitting, I put my finger to my lips. He looked at me curiously. I knelt down next to the couch and said a soft "Shhh...". I reached over and felt his dick through his sweats. 

Marty recoiled like he'd been stung by a bee. I again placed my finger to my lips and gave a shh...I rubbed his dick through his sweats a second time and this time he gave no resistance. 

"Slide over" were the only two words I said. Marty slid a little over to the left on the couch. I slipped my hands under his sweats and felt his hard dick. Already, the inside of his underwear was wet with precum. As I felt the shaft, head, and balls, Marty hooked his thumbs under the sweats and pulled them all the way down. 

I completely let go of his dick. 

"What are you doing?" he softly asked. 

"Watch." I whispered. 

I gazed at his dick. Like the rest of his body, it was fairly compact - about 5 and a half inches. It was quite thick and he had HUGE nuts. It looked like this boy was packed for all night sex from the looks of those nuts. I didn't touch his cock. I bent over and slipped it into my mouth. 

My favorite way to give head is to do it hands free. I decided to give him my best hands off blowjob. Swallowing the whole shaft, I tightened my lips around it like a hand. I gave him a few good strokes and pulled back up to the head. 

Precum was bubbling out of the head of his dick. Marty was really getting into his first male blowjob. I cleaned up the salty precum and did a little trigger work. I knew that we didn't have a lot of time. Greg could walk out into the living room at any time. 

I started building a rhythm in my sucking. Up and down I went, lips tight and saliva plentiful. On the downstroke, I would bathe his hot meat in saliva and, as I pulled up, I would clean it back off with my tight lips. Marty was going nuts. I loved the fast blowjob action. I could see that it was better than anything that he'd ever had before and I enjoyed that aspect of it. 

I kept bobbing my head up and down in his lap, faster and faster. Precum was leaking out every now and then and the flavor spurred me on. Marty was making some little grunting noises. His crotch smelled strongly of a male scent. I could feel his dick starting to swell in my mouth and I moved my tongue up to do some trigger work. 

"MMMMM....Uhhhhhh. Unnnnhhhhhh. MMMMMMMM." he softly groaned. "Yeah. Suck it. Swallow it all baby. I wanna fuck your hot pussy." 

I knew that he was fantasizing about some fish sucking him off, but that added to my excitement. The dick in my mouth all of a sudden swelled even bigger and harder, throbbed a couple times, and his legs became rigid. 

"Ahhhhh. Yes.....MMMMMMMM....Unnnnnnhhhhhh." 

Shot after shot of come landed in my mouth. I swallowed all of it and relished the taste. It wasn't as salty as most that I've tasted. Instead, it had a kind of a nutty flavor. When he got his breathing under control, Marty pulled up his sweats and we went back to watching the movie. 

Greg came out a few minutes later with the slut. He looked pretty disgusted. "Bitch likes to fuck, but she's too loose to do any good. Get your drunk ass out of here." 

"Hey, Greg", Marty said "I know where to get the best blowjob in town." 

"Where's that? What's her name?" he asked. 

Marty responded "That's not important. Let me tell you what just happened." 

My jaws and lips were sore and I was exhausted, but I was still up for one more blowjob that night. It's always best to get along with the neighbors.